Black Widow's Standalone Marvel Movie Will Make Avengers

She may not fly higher, further, or faster than others in the Marvel Universe, but the ex-KGB agent they call Black Widow” is still a force to reckon with. That isn't set in stone as we're still only in April, so there's plenty of time for Marvel to clear up its roadmap, especially now the Avengers: Endgame is in theaters, and gets busy making movies. Although, Johansson leads us to believe it may take place later in the Marvel timeline than we'd been suspecting.

Marvel's solo Black Widow movie has been coming along (rather sluggishly, we might add) for quite some time. It is unknown when Marvel Studios plans to release Black Widow in theaters. Over the weekend many sites were reporting on a rumor about the setting of Marvel's upcoming Black Widow movie that reportedly came from Sebastian Stan in an interview where he said it's set after Captain America: Civil War.

But even though the film mostly closes out the Infinity Saga, even though it skips the usual post-credits tease for the next Marvel Cinematic Universe movie in order to feel more like a complete story , it still leaves open questions. Sadly, Black Widow sacrificed herself to save Hawkeye and get the Soul Stone from Vormir during the "time heist".

Black Widow appears in Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors , with Laura Bailey reprising the role. If true, that would set it in 2006, two years after the events of Iron Man , but six years before Black Widow joins the Avengers. One thing Avengers: Endgame seemingly rules out is that the Black Widow movie takes place after Avengers: Endgame.

The Black Widow movie was first talked about by Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige back in 2010 and, by all rights, it should have been the first female-led MCU movie long before Captain Marvel arrived. As previously revealed by Marvel's Kevin Feige, Spider-Man: Far From Home is the final chapter in Black Widow Phase 3 making Black Widow the first film to kick-off Phase 4.

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